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Hi dear readers. In recent months, with the invitation of Schrammek, I had the chance to go to Germany and visit their new headquarters in Düsseldorf. I would like to Drusio siblings, Alexander Drusio and Christina Drusio who welcomed me in a way that would rival even the Turkish hospitality and I would like to share my experiences in this pleasant tour with you.

First, Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a city of fashion and trade fairs on the banks of the River Rhine. This  beautiful city takes its name from the Düssel stream. With a population around 620,000, the city is well known for its world-famous industrial fairs that shape world industry and serve various sectors.

The abundant green and blue of the city is a paradise for nature lovers.

In Istanbul the cats are the kings, meanwhile in Düsseldorf, it is the geese and ducks that rule.

I can honestly say that Düsseldorf is a wonderful city and worth a visit for everyone. It is a place where green and blue prevails, they preserve nature in an exceptionally beautiful way and because of that the city bursts full of life. Like Bagdat Street in Istanbul, it has rows of streets with world-famous brands, natural parks with trees and lakes. Also, just as you cannot take a single step without seeing a cat in Istanbul, here, it is the geese and ducks that are in abundance.

The nightlife of the city is as lively and colorful as the daytime. It has restaurants and colorful bars that have mastered a variety of different world cuisines. On the other hand, the streets are clean and safe.

Rhine River

The people of the city on the other hand are very warm and welcoming. It is impossible to hear a horn sound. It is free from nerves and has peaceful streets. It is also quite easy to deal with tradesmen; they either speak English or you just need to know three words of German,

Wieviel kostet das? –  How much money? Bitte –  It doesn’t matter or please, Tschüss – Bye-bye!

The city also has a large Turkish population, and when you walk on the street, you come across Turkish speakers, Turkish döner and kebab shops.

Destination: Schrammek

Schrammek Headquarters and Schrammek Store

I enter a magnificent building and I am greeted at the door by Mr. Drusio’s assistant. After a short elevator ride, I shook hands with Alexander Drusio in the lobby. First impressions, “a person with a kind, unassuming, warm smile.” After a short meal and a warm conversation, our company tour begins!

The walls of the Schrammek lobby are filled with awards and history. The fact that they exhibit their old products that have been discontinued but with a high spiritual value and that they also include the old but meaningful photographs, says a lot about Schrammek. This company is led by people who value their history and the sentimental but priceless value it carries.

It is obvious that Schrammek cares about his employees with the working conditions they offer. Also, a nice detail is that while many employees were on holiday as my tour coincided with the Easter period. When they came to the company, he left chocolates under the photo of each of his employees as a surprise. ❤️

As our tour continues, there is a surprising yet welcome participation among us, Christina Drusio. Alexander Drusio argues that her sister is more knowledgeable in certain areas and confident that she will further improve the quality of the tour. Christina, like Alex, is a humble and warm person. Their sincere communication reminds me of my own communication with Elif Karakışla and I observe once again that Schrammek, like Melissima, is a family company.

Schrammek: A Skincare Brand, an Education Center, a Beacon for Future Generations

The Schrammek Headquarters is a large and spacious place, worthy of the headquarters name it carries. The other thing that surprised me was that it was more than just a skincare center, it also had training rooms. They have set up a nice system where anyone over the age of eighteen could come and participate and get a diploma. So not only are they teaching their own, but they also offer skincare training to people from all over the Germany. The future generations will be marked with Schrammek’s assurance and experience which should be extremely valuable for Germany.

Schrammek Training Rooms –Wonder if there is a school bell? 😜

A billboard in the lobby catches my attention. They tell me that there is an honor board that they have all their guests sign and that I must sign it. Of course, I do not miss the opportunity to hang our flag of course.

Schrammek Store

We are nearing the end of our beautiful and enjoyable tour. We take our coffee from a local and cute coffee shop and head to the Schrammek store on the ground floor of the center.

They have a stylish, spacious, and immaculate store. Schrammek products lined up in rows can make one’s mouth water.

In addition to selling products, there is also a skin care service. One of these treatment rooms also has a nice detail. Thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass, it can be seen from the outside. Schrammek does not hesitate to present the care room to the public eye, as any brand that prides itself on its product and service should.

And so, we come to the end of our tour. Everyone has a smile on their face as they leave. Their hospitality been nothing short of wonderful and I am bit sad to leave this wonderful place.

Goodbye Wonderful People
Goodbye Wonderful City

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